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Painting Demonstrated
Painting on location, demonstration DVD: "The Yellow House". Have you needed new and exciting approaches to painting architecture? Judi Wagner discusses and demonstrates the interpretation of an old Victorian structure using creative color mixing and keeping values in mind. This on-location painting deals with how to simplify and add the most creative flooding of color to enhance the beauty of this old structure. Being mindful of values and warm and cool colors this painting pushes the edges of reality into a very creative approach to watercolor 49.00
Painting on location, demonstration DVD: "Downtown Street View". Judi Wagner discusses and demonstrates the values for distance on the street scene and the use of light and shadow to depict the forms found there. The dark tree in the foreground uses textures for the foliage, trunk and hanging moss in sharp contrast with the lighter street beyond. This is a full demonstration on on-location technique or success in the field 49.00
Painting on location, demonstration DVD: "Mist Over the Movie Set". Judi Wagner discusses and demonstrates the use of hard a soft edges with the Mist over the far New Mexico backdrop. And she uses the dark hard edges of the adobe building in the forground to contrast the texture. This DVD is a full painting painted on location at Ghost Ranch, North of Abuiqui, New Mexico. 49.00
Painting on location with Judi Wagner DVD: "Canyon Juniper". Do you have problems with greens in your watercolor landscapes? In this DVD Judi Wagner demonstrates mixing nature greens from your very simple palette. Utilizing these greens and create brush techniques combine to paint this painting in New Mexico. You see the actual plein aire interpretations and organization in the field. 49.00